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Hello guys,

This risks to be a long post and I will be answering all the questions that i've highlighted over the 4 pages of arguement so to whom it may concern only :P

Well this dispute is definitely something for me to learn from.

The picture that I have of the cadpat i am selling hasn't been removed from my thread it was just X'ed for a bit i don't know why but i reuploaded it. The items are not misleading if anyone takes the time to read the description only what's italicized has been added after Knyte's complaint.

Furthermore, we've been in business since before many of us (including myself) were born and the reason why we are the oldest surplus in the country (41 years in business) and remain very successful is not because we do not know how to treat our customer, but rather on the contrary, we and I offer inimitable customer service that surpasses any norm so for those of you that haven't dealt with me in the past and say you will not in the future is a big disappointment for me because I love to serve customers and I love to offer products that are hard to find and hard to pay a good price for.

I agree with everybody that retailers need to know their stock, and for those who haven't been at the store I have over 3000 products and a basement with another 1400 products. When i say products I mean different items not inventory, that we keep in a warehouse. Even with all that stock I still know my products and if i don't i admit it and i ask permission to verify before answering.

About the issue, I will stick with my side of the story because to me that is the truth, Knyte will stick to his side because to him that is the truth. There was an HONEST communication mistake and I might not of been very clear on certain issues to Knyte or he might misread something, all of which I am now aware of and was not prior to the transaction.

I think that I should of elaborated more on what was being purchased and I didn't and i sincerely apoplogize for that mistake and I will not do that again. As a person, I thought I was clear, but it could very well be that I wasn't and I take that responsibility and I offered a refund according to the policy that I have stated in my thread.

Today i went to see the manufacturer of these clothes and he made a mistake on informing me about the material used, it is in fact 50% cotton and 50% polyesther and according to the manufacturer they built like that of the canadian forces. There might be small details that weren't included or altered but that's for safety of being sued by the government. The cotton explains they weight and the polyesther explains the water resistancy. I like this cadpat and those that have baught it at my store like it as well, i've sold to people who wanted to wear it as a fashion item !!

In addition to refunding, to show my apologies and to invite Knyte back as either a customer or a friend in the future i've even offered a lifetime discount. This discount consists of a permanent tax rebate if payed via money order or cash which in the long run will more than compensate for the shipping costs attached to the product, i've offered to take back the product and refund the money payed, and i've offered a 5% discount on the shipping costs for his next purchase.

People have made mistakes in the past and will continue to make mistakes in the future. This incidient is not even close the worth of what has been going on in the community. I want this to end and get back on good terms with everyone who's shown support for both of us.

I will also apologize for responding to Knyte's comment about me being an idiot by being myself immature and replying with indirect insulting sentences. I guess i deserved to be called an idiot for the way that i handled this situation.

I want to thank ILLusion for being very fair and listening to both of our sides of the story and being a neutral median and a friend to both of us.

I've sent a pm to Knyte asking him his phone number so i could call him and apologize verbally and to solve this problem once and for all. I want to be friends and maybe one day play some airsoft with him and not against him :P

To Knyte and all of his friends and teamates, I am sorry for not taking care of this issue professionaly and I hope to be forgiven by Knyte and all of his teamates and also by ILLusion who has sacrificed a lot of his time in reassuring us and providing insight.

Thank you for reading,

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