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Your assessement on the dispute is nice and sounds reasonable but unfortunately it's not at all correct, if he would have said something along those lines, I would have immediately clued in, but honestly, as I said before, my question was something along the lines of:

"Is the material the same or similar as used in Issued bdu's or frontenac?" (and I believe I even said 'light combat cloth material')"

His answer, "Yes it is the same as issued/frontenac." I believe he even said "it is the same 50/50 as issued/frontenac", which is why I was without a doubt sure there was no misunderstanding so I didn't ask him about it any further, and even deleted the PM as his answer was so straightforward when i was cleaning out my inbox.

Pics will be posted soon w/ more details, and an accurate review of this product. Everyone will agree, this is most definately not the finest cadpat bdu available...

Here's most important basics though:

Is it terrible? No, the build is actually decent, although the heavy/non-breathable material make it's uses limited.

Is it exact cdn bdu cut? No, it's reasonably close but there are some differences, they will also be highlighted in the review.

Is the material the same 50/50 cotton/poly as issued? Absolutely not it's nothing even close. (Vlad claimed in this thread first the material was 50/50 Cotton/Nylon, now in his sales thread, he says it's 50/50 cotton/poly, I have no way of telling what it is, it isn't cotton/poly, if it is, it's the thickest most dense cotton/poly I've ever witnessed and heavily treated, it's probably some sort of nylon twill but again I have no way of telling. The jacket is some sort of ripstop or imitation ripstop it is a different material completely than the pants as is obvious in the pics)

Is it CADPAT? HELL NO. It is an ok repro pattern, they seem to have mixed up the frequency of the dark green and black which would have made it closer to real stuff... But it's not a terrible repro.

One thing to add I'm not 100% sure if the issued combat cloth is 50/50 cotton/poly I havn't been to our shop since last week and I have the samples w/ spec sheets there I'll check them this weekend and update if necessary. I'll also go through the samples and try to find something very close to the 2 materials used in the pants/jackets of these bdu's.

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