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Originally Posted by Hitarosu View Post
Do you have any idea if the 10 sqm that was mentioned before is still the limit? or is there another number floating around out there? If so, it may be neccessary to go with a building permit to allow for more usable, larger structures (like the Drug Lab from Flag Raiders for example). Other than that the "L" shaped idea Brian shot out was a good one, maximum possibilities for play and enjoyment on a strictly limited area. I would be more than willing to CAD up some drawings if the time comes where they're needed.
yea I double checked my building code, 10 sqm. Essentially If you want to build anything larger than a toolshed you need a permit. Permits aren't too expensive to get depending on the size of the building. I think its roughly $1000 a permit for a 2500 sq foot building. The permit pays for the person to check the drawings and verify that everything meets code, and it also pays for the inspections they do.

Theres more permits such as electrical and plumbing, I don't think theres one for HVAC.

Hitarosu, don't take any offense to this but I think you should leave the CAD work to someone who has had more experience in designing and drawing full working drawings. Your enthusiasm for wanting to help others is great though
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