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Great site you all have here! I live in the states and am curious as I've seen several people say they payed $350 ( im assuming CA) for their JG 416s. Every site I've looked at so far has them for apx $180 (US) I know there is a difference in exchange rate but not that much lol. also almost all of them are listed as the JG 614 instead of 416 any difference? I'm thinking about buying one in teh next week or so and wanna make sure I'm buying the same high quality AEG everybody has been talking about. Any help much appreciated. Also be advised this is gonna be my first "decent(i.e. not a flea market special" AEG I do plan to have someone lower the FPS to 325-350 before I start gaming. Any help would be much appreciated( whether it relates to the 416 or not)
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