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Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post
You know, we used to play on private property with groups of trusted players without any insurance, permits or environmental assessments. Money goes to the field owner, if you hurt yourself tough luck, and nobody was ever the wiser.

In a game based on honor and integrity, it's appaling that we have to rely on insurance just in case some fuckwit with bad shoes twists an ankle and tries to sue. Fuck it, play at your own risk. Don't like it, don't play there.

Open that shit up bud. I'll shoot you $20 to run around your property for a day, and if I fuck myself up that's my problem. At the end of the day, you get a pile of money in your pocket and I get to shoot people. Sounds just fine to me.
Thats always been my attitude, if your doing ME a favor providing a place to play for the day, offring something good! I aint gonna stab you in the back if I hurt myself. Myself doesnt mean I step on an exposed nail or something, but more like we play a game that could bar injury, live with it, or dont participate.
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