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Well, its good to see such an intelligent discussion about this, its an idea alot of us have from time to time, but the main point to realize, is it will not support you financially. Paintball is different, they can get 200 people a day, we are lucky to get 50 players on a decent day, not including large milsim games, Im reffering to skirmish games, ect. I wont blabber about all that, because I am all for this idea.

It is actualy an idea I had about a year ago, and I even discussed it with the owner of Airsoft Canada briefly, what would be a better field to play at than the official ASC field. Your on the same page I am with indoor building, with a nice outdoor field as well, maybe even split up into a couple fields, woodland, open, ect but can also be used all together for large games. As well as having a small shop, rental, and gun repair on location.

Location is key, Ontario and Quebec have the largest airsoft population, so a location convinient for the mass of players, GTA, Ottawa, and Quebec would benefit greatly. However these benifits would only happen with large milsim games, as long as its a good location with accomodations( camping, water, toilet, food, ect) for large weekend games, they would make the trip. Then regular weekend you have your local players.

It would be something you run like a snowmobile club for example, just recreation, not career, something to really benifit our community, bring us all together in one, private(ASC) place on weekends, something thats ours, as were used to playing as guests at paintball fields.

Im all for discussing this further, just my few cents and that I still could get involved in this in many ways, including investing.
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