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Originally Posted by Cheese View Post
the issue here is difinitely not the language...
I kinda agree with that the language is really not an issue.

In fact they are many Quebec ASC members that can read and write in both language. But telling the Quebec members of this community that they have no voice because they dont speak for the whole country thats another story, if you cath my drift.

Tex :
I don't need to reread it I get what he said, I get what you said. I actually side with neither of you. I was pointing out that both could claim the same thing. Both sides are bringing a language issue into something it needs not be.
and no matter C and D.
I profoundly disagree with that. But i agree with the rest of your points. i can also add if im gonna make a petition here on ASC it will be in both english and french.

But no one need to know why peoples dont sign it or about Dracheous life outside ASC, really i dont give a shit. Dont sign it, thats all.

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