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Originally Posted by Dracheous View Post
Now, with out trying to sound anti-Quebec, I simply won't sign any petition voiced in Quebec, for two reasons: 1. Language barrier, I've had the habbit of what I was told and what was written be very different things when I cross the river. 2. Its a Nation with in a Nation and because of this Quebec does not really speak for the whole of Canada.
Sincerely, I think you voice a racist point of view that is profundly insulting for me and other folks living in Quebec or speaking French.

So it means any ontarian or manitoban petition is speaking for Canada? Is it true for cities or individuals, as long as they "speak white" and are not from Quebec?

And if Canada "talks", does it talk for Quebec too?

In any case, it seems Quebec people just have to shut their "câlisse de gueule"...

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