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On the other side of the coin, I also understand SurplusIG's point of view - It's possible that Knyte DID mis-read the answers Vlad gave him and the misunderstanding is on his part - but again, there is no proof of that. Even SurplusIG himself does not dispute that his response wasn't a direct answer to the question asked, but instead, raised a different issue altogether (material versus cut? the buyer didn't ask about the cut.)
For all we know, without quoted PM's to prove the claimed statements, nobody can see if what was claimed was actually said. We also don't know if there was some sort of language barrier involved, and we don't know if there was a comprehension issue somewhere.

Obviously, there was a miscommunication somewhere - it just comes down to finding out where the comprehension issues took place: when the question was being read or when the answer was being read.

In any case, this is what I gather from the situation:

Knyte asked "is the product material the same or very similar as the Frontenac product?"

and SurplusIG responded:
"Yes, it is an authentic cut made by the guys who replaced Frontenac" or something along those lines.

Based on both their arguments, either BOTH parties misunderstood each other or SurplusIG purposely gave an evasive answer that did not directly answer the question and replaced the answer with another answer which not only brought up an alternative selling point, but confused the answer with that alternative point. Knyte then read it and misunderstood the answer as he was expecting a direct answer to his question.

Does that seem to make sense?

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