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Does anyone have that picture of the guy bent over with his head up his ass?

Okay, a loose translation of what you just said SRivard is that you really do not understand the intricate political system that is Canada. A petition simply will not do jack squat.

Paintball ONLY barely got by the skin of its chin, and its very simply because the markers look ridiculous and nothing like real guns.

Now, with out trying to sound anti-Quebec, I simply won't sign any petition voiced in Quebec, for two reasons: 1. Language barrier, I've had the habbit of what I was told and what was written be very different things when I cross the river. 2. Its a Nation with in a Nation and because of this Quebec does not really speak for the whole of Canada.

And lastly, the only way any petition could ever ACTUALLY sway the government, you'd need to get several MP's on it in one political party. Who you gonna get? Block? They're against anything for the whole of Canada. NDP? Taliban Jack doesn't want us to have an army let alone civilians having hunting rifles or even pop-gun. Liberal? They're too busy bailing water with Dion at the helm. And Conservative? HAH The last thing they want to do is push any gun law changes too far, since its the image that they're all gun toting red necks when thats simply not entirely true.

It'll never work, stop wasting time, and lastly, if this was gonna stay Canada wide you'd have translated that last message.

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