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Originally Posted by Skladfin View Post
is the D ring where it holds the sling?
Yep, that's the one. I'm sure I can find a replacement or just substitute a split ring for the meantime, just pisses me off that I've lost something on it already.

Originally Posted by Bob the Angry Potato View Post
What sort of ranges are you getting with your CYMA? I'm still completely blown away by mine- it shoots like a dream for me, and like a nightmare for the receiving end.
I'm very impressed, at least 50 meters and usually a bit more. Accuracy at that range isn't fantastic but controlled bursts are enough to hit man-sized targets. I was given much praise on how nasty the gun sounded when firing, and with the stock wiring/battery it gave a nice AK rate of fire that added to the effect.

Originally Posted by Amos View Post
IMO, the Cyma wins for being TM compatible...

Andrew if you want, I could make your Cyma look like the unicorn one
How? Blueing doesn't work on non-ferrous metals. I don't mind it the way it is; it's "parkerized!"
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