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Originally Posted by ToTaL_oWnAgE View Post

And I was beginning to wonder if anyone else felt like this.
Because there are Idealists and Realists, fortunately there ARE realists here and they've been around longer.

Idealy we could all order what ever we wanted at any time.

Realisticly, we can't because there is fear of the items we wish to order by the GREATER public.

Idealy, people WOULD just see that its a clean honourable sport.

Realistically, there are a lot of young people that cheat, cause issues, and otherwise try to make short cuts for everything they see that get into our sport. One rotten apple kills the tree.

Idealy, airsoft could be very cheap, and played every weekend.

Realistically, if it gets TOO cheap MORE people that may not yet have the maturity will enter the sport and we get more hog wash. Also people have to work, that means we miss weekends time to time.

Idealy, women would always be nude, beer would be plentiful, and no one would ever get fat...

Realistically, every man would get bobbeted, beer costs money, and makes you fat...

Anyone got that ASC monster picture?

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