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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
... If the guy said it was made out of the combat cloth... and it wasn't... That's mis-representing your product (false advertising)

IMO, Knyte is in the right here...

This may be ironic, but people other than Vlad and Knyte really need not reply to this thread.

Knyte, I'd suggest contacting the mods.
I never said Knyte was in the wrong, I just said that the way he went about it is wrong. Everything else is just icing on the cake and Ive got a free afternoon.

Anyways a refund option was given as store policy and thats that. A mistake was made by accident and Knyte just blew the entire thing out or proportion. If Vlad was TRYING to rip Knyte off, I doubt that a refund option would have even been given.

Knyte I will say this: If you can posted that Vlad had made this mistake and refused to refund your money I would have been one of the first to be on a road trip with you to go get it. I just believe you could have gone about this a nicer way that stating you were "lied" to.

I do apologize for trolling and I will stop as long as thing stays civil and no more slanderous comments are made.

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