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Look you really need to learn the difference between a lie and a mistake. Things happen! I had a problem when I placed my order with him... he came back a couple hours later after I paid said that Canada Post said my town doesn't exist! Did I call him a liar and start bad mouthing his mistake to everyone? Nope.

Hell just yesterday the AEG I ordered from a store here wasn't the right one. Oh well Im dealing with it like an adult, not some lil brat who didn't get exactly what they wanted at christmas. Its part of doing business online, expect it or you will be let down over and over.

Did you even ASK what the return policy is on something before you ordered? just incase? Then you cant bitch about his return policy. (and yes I know thats not the biggest problem)

How would you like it if anytime you make a mistake someone calls you a liar? Sucks dont it.
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