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I 'may' have missed the one line that said water resistant material, however, that's why I specifically asked about the material before purchasing. So your saying, because I missed one little line of text in his huge sale thread, but even though I asked and he didn't give me the correct info that it is my fault? I asked to avoid this issue exactly for this reason. And even if I had read the bit about water resistant, I still would certainly have not minded if the materal was breathable/suitable for warm weather, so I would have asked anyway.

And I'm not in any hole, the only person who's 'in' anything is Vlad for providing false info regarding a product.

And again, great about your friend and 007 maybe they don't give refunds but that's beside the point, and not the issue. As stated previously numerous times.

Seriously, stop adding useless garbage here, you clown.
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