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Originally Posted by SurplusIG View Post
You're making it very hard to get along, even people in my thread told you to take it easy and talk it out. You even started to use profane language in an attempt to better express yourself, there is a limit to how much I am willing to tolerate.

You've even disgraced my customers who have written statements in support of me and to proove to you that I am actually trying to help you out as much as I can.

I tried to give you the best service by:
1) offering a discount on your next purchase
2) Apologising several times
3) Promising to clean up my thread
4) Answering every PM you've sent me ASAP and making sure you're ontop of everything while i am at school and at work
5) Promising to refund your purchase

In addition to that, i've answered every single question before I sent you your order and you KNEW what you were getting. I emphasized that this is not FRONTENAC quality stuff because they are out of business and that the replacing cadpat that i am selling is an exact reproduction of the original combat uniform worn by the canadian soldiers which in fact it is.

Send your order back at your expense and I will refund your money in the same manner you've paid for it which is through credit card, i do not accept COD returns because as stated in my thread, I need to inspect the quality of the returned merchandise, if you've wruined it I will ship it back to you without a refund.

Do not write any more threatening messages to my inbox, if you insult either me or my satisfied customers again we're going to proceed through legal action.

You shouldn't be allowed to play airsfoft with that kind of attitude.

I have not threatened you once either in this thread or via PM's. I did say however if I send back the BDU's and you don't refund the amount minus shipping and keep them I would take you to court, which again is perfectly reasonable.

As for insulting your customers, they insulted themselves with their silly comments, like I told you via PM. If they hadn't posted all that would be here is my original thread unless you made some comment I would have responded too, however, again like I told you, I'll delete all my threads once you update your sales thread to reflect your actual product.

IMO you should not be able to retail without answering potential buyer's questions accurately either but hey maybe that's just me.

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