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I don't care that you quoted two companies that might have that policy, or, wait... Even three companies.

I'm sure in fact, that there are many more than just three companies that wouldn't refund shipping if they made a mistake, and btw, 007airsoft probably WOULD refund fully if they made the mistake, they have excellent CS. But again I'm not really concerned w/ that.

Both the pants and jackets are not the material he told me they were, nor anything close. All I said about the pants is that they are not the same material as the jacket, and do not seem to be water resistant, the pattern is also different colored between the pants and jacket. But I only said that for full disclosure for other's about his product.

What I would like obviously is a full refund although doesn't seem I'll get it, but moreso I want him to give an accurate description of the product so this doesn't happen again. That is all. I mean, I am pissed that I have to pay 40+ to send him back something that he shouldn't have sent me in the first place seeing as I specifically asked about the material to avoid this exact issue, but I don't think that's unreasonable and if you are trying to tell me it is your a moron, although from your comments comparing good business policy to the policy of companies like ebay/redwolf etc... It seems that's the case anyway.

As for store credit... Why would I do business AGAIN w/ someone who cannot answer simple questions honestly/correctly and will not rectify THEIR mistakes?

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umm did you NOTICE two of the companies I listed, shootsoft.CA and buyairsoft.CA? Hell even 007airsoft in CALGARY requires you pay either shipping back and/or a RESTOCKING FEE.

As for the material itself you are saying the pants are the correct material and the shirt is not correct or are both wrong? Either way it could have been an HONEST mistake and not a lie like you are so inclined to believe.

Now he's offered to refund your payment AND give you a store credit I believe he said. What more do you possibly want? A free set of Frontenac?

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