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If it's international it is different obviously, I mean I know they sent Mark at A&A surplus wrong items all the time. But if a canadian company or even most US companies send an incorrect item or have an issue that is their fault, they will pay for the shipping back and rectify the issue. And if YOU yourself didn't do that in your two online businesses then perhaps you should have, it only makes sense. Standard customer service comparable w/ other businesses In canada/US would dictate he rectify the situation at his expense, excellent customer service would be if he paid something additional for the annoyance...

This isn't some huge corporation this is an individual small business. Stop comparing it to ebay, redwolf, etc. It has no bearing or relation to those companies. I'm amazed at the amount of stupid useless posts here because of this issue. How about someone says something pertanent next?

And again this refund business really isn't the issue at hand here and I don't know why you keep bringing it up. Even if Vlad did refund me fully I'd still insure he corrected his statements about this product.

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