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Originally Posted by Knyte View Post
And whoever made the comment about shipping, every business that I have dealt w/ will refund the shipping if the problem is their fault, that is standard good business policy. This is NOT ebay.
Ive been a manager for two online businesses and that is NOT standard policy! Hell look at every major airsoft retailer when you order an AEG:

We will test the gun to ensure that it does work properly (the qualified one in the test means it is able to use up one whole magazine). However, we do not guarantee the quality of the outer surface of the airsoft gun. The quality of finishing may be imperfect and may have slight flaws.

For the charger and battery, we will ensure their proper workability. However, we do not guarantee their quality. For safety reasons, using a higher quality charger with thermal protected function and battery is highly recommended.

No returns or exchanges will be given on any shipped items. Please consider thoroughly the associated risks before making a purchase.
That is off! Redwolfairsoft,,, will all tell you the same thing and these are for AIRSOFT guns!

And the reason I was talking about Ebay is because Ebay stores are the same thing as this posted store except EBAY has a refund guarantee, you just dont get your shipping back.

Hell look at ANY damn infomercial on TV:

If you dont like the item return it for a full refund minus your shipping and handling costs within...
And for your information, he's not trying to cover anything, that information was there long before you even ordered.
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