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Originally Posted by Mr. G36! View Post
Nobody else has been ripped off. I still believe that you either missed something, ordered the wrong item or received the wrong item. Vlad hasn't misrepresented himself or his items to anyone else as far as I see. You make it sound like his entire business is a massive scam, which is certainly not the case as everyone else seems to be satisfied with the services provided. Just calm down and work this out privately. You'll have a better chance of getting results that way than you will by publicly slandering him and his business.
I'm not saying his business is a scam nor have I insinuated anything of the sort. I'm saying he misrepresented his product, and either intentionally or unintentionally lied about the material it was made out of to me, leaving me with a product I can't use and telling me I have to eat the cost to return it. That's the bottom line. And I also want to ensure no one else goes through the same thing as if you read his definition of the product that I quoted in my first post, it is clearly misleading, and building off frontenac's reputation/quality when it is nothing like frontenac at all or issue. It is a repro BDU copying the canadian cut with a heavy synthetic material. Not related to frontenac in the least or authentic cadpat aside from mimicking the cut.
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