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Well if it was there I must have missed it and I certainly do not remember it being there. Regardless though, I still specifically asked him about the material and he said it was the combat cloth or something very similar to it.

AND, the first PM I sent him about it stating the material was some sort of water resistant synthetic was yesterday morning, so he most very likely updated it after that to cover himself.

I'm quite confident it did not say anything about water resistant material when I saw it.

And to add to this, the pants are NOT water resistant or if they are it's minimal and are a different material. They seem to be some sort of poly or nylon twill I'm not sure. Neither top/bottom has a material tag saying what they are anywhere.

And to clarify once again, the cut/build is fine, and the craftmanship seems good. It's just the material.

And whoever made the comment about shipping, every business that I have dealt w/ will refund the shipping if the problem is their fault, that is standard good business policy. This is NOT ebay.

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