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Originally Posted by Berkut View Post
I have dealt with Vlad and am VERY pleased with his shop! He found some hard to get stuff for me and at reasonable prices too, as well as now is offering discounts for stuff I ask him for...
Once again - thumbs up for Vlad!
And what does this have to do with the cadpat BDU's? If people want to look at his trader rating they can do that I'm sure he's a fine gentlemen but this is about the Cadpat BDU's he is selling not his other products.

I did state and he did state he will refund me but not the shipping costs either way and that's coming from him as the seller so no matter how many people vouch for his reputation that is the fact of the matter and what he has said he will do. You could clutter this thread with how great he is all you want however unless it has to do with the issue at hand please save it or put it in his trader rating.

UGH, SdtAuclair

I never said anything about the damn cut why do you and he keep talking about the cut. The cut is FINE ffs, read the damn threads.

And that quote about the water resistant material, was just added by him now, it was not there before.

Again, leave him feedback if you want to but don't clutter this with useless info that doesn't apply.

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