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Originally Posted by SurplusIG View Post
Knyte, I told you numerous times that this is repro of the original cadpat, not the original cadpat itself, if you misunderstood me please return it for a full refund no questions asked ... but remember that I reassured you that this is not made from the authentic material like frontenac but is a copy of the authentic garment that looks real and is made from superior quality than anything else on the civilian market today.

Frontenac is not AUTHENTIC, they use AUTHENTIC material but the pattern and the cut is far from AUTHENTIC. The new cadpat has AUTHENTIC slanted pockets, AUTHENTIC drawstrings and AUTHENTIC pocket covers button covers and velcro for name tape and canadian flag. I explained this to you, you didn't understand and that is not my fault.

I also offered you a discount on your next order to make up for this mistake and I reassured you that i will change the text tonight because i am busy rite now.

I even have pictures to proove what the new cadpat looks like, just look at the last pic in the cadpat section.

I never asked about the cut of the BDU, the only thing I asked was if it was made from the combat cloth like issued/frontenac was or something similar, which you assured me it was. The combat cloth is a very light cotton twill or poly/cotton twill I believe, this material as I stated above is a heavy, non breathable synthetic, with a rubbery texture. I wouldn't have cared if it was repro as long as it wasn't horrible (and your right the pics don't look bad) but I cannot use these BDU's they will be way to hot, which is why I asked you specifically what the material was or if it was like issued/frontenac, which you said it was. In your description you say it is the replacement for frontenac made by the people who bought the frontenac factory. This is nothing like frontenac.

You said to me nowhere it is Repro, also, it is impossible to tell from a pic unless you compare real/repro side by side which you did not, unless it is horribly bad repro of course. Again though, I don't care that the pattern is a bit off.

The bottom line is you unintentionally lied or intentionally lied about the material when I asked about it, and refuse to admit this, and ask me to waste 40.00 + in shipping sending it back. Also, you claim this is the replacement for frontenac stuff, which it is not, your trying to use frontenac's popularity/reputation to sell your product, which is nothing like it. I asked you politely to update your post and refund me fully, which you refused on both counts. Now that I've done it for you of course, you claim you will update it. But it's a bit late IMO for that.

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