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Knyte, I told you numerous times that this is repro of the original cadpat, not the original cadpat itself, if you misunderstood me please return it for a full refund no questions asked ... but remember that I reassured you that this is not made from the authentic material like frontenac but is a copy of the authentic garment that looks real and is made from superior quality than anything else on the civilian market today.

Frontenac is not AUTHENTIC, they use AUTHENTIC material but the pattern and the cut is far from AUTHENTIC. The new cadpat has AUTHENTIC slanted pockets, AUTHENTIC drawstrings and AUTHENTIC pocket covers button covers and velcro for name tape and canadian flag. I explained this to you, you didn't understand and that is not my fault.

I also offered you a discount on your next order to make up for this mistake and I reassured you that i will change the text tonight because i am busy rite now.

I even have pictures to proove what the new cadpat looks like, just look at the last pic in the cadpat section.

There is no need to blow this out of proportion, i take returns and i give credit... Doing business online is very complicated and has its ups and downs. Understanding that will make it easier for everybody,

I apologize one more time for this problem and i will modify the text so this doesn't reoccur with other potential customers.

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