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Originally Posted by FNG_13 View Post
Turns out I was wrong. It's actually Agricultural. Might make things easier.
Depending where you are.. maybe... in other areas.. it will make it impossible.
Some municipalities have freezes on development of agricultural land. So called "green belt" legislation.

My field, located just outside Acton is zoned "Agricultural Recreational" which allows for the use for airsoft.. also the local bylaw allows for the discharge of firearms ( which according to the municipalitly of Halton region airsoft guns are considered firearms ) in the portion of the field that we use.

I expect that the use of farmland for "informal" ( as in not commercial ) recreational use by the owner and his friends and aqaintances would be just fine. However this precludes commercial General Liability coverage. and its likely the Farm risks policy would not cover for liability incurred as a result of skirmishing with "firearms" ( insurance companies will use whatever definition allows them to legally decline a risk or deny a claim )

So if you kept your endeavor non commercial, and "between friends" you could likely go ahead and do it.

Check local building ordinances at to the maximum size you can build a structure without requiring a permit. I think it is something like 10 x 12 or so.

If you look at Flag Raiders.. you will find that most of the structures are that size or less and so classified as "temporary structures"

The Drug lab of course required a building permit and proper foundation construction to meet code due to its size.
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