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To anyone thinking of purchasing Cadpat's:

Originally Posted by SurplusIG View Post
For all the Frontenac fans, The company has haulted its manufacturing sector due to a buy-out. The company does not produce combats for the canadian forces at the moment, the good news is that the company that bought them out will be starting production soon and they carry even better quality stuff.

The new quality of canadian combat uniforms is now offered in our store and even though it is superior quality to the old frontenacs, the price remains the same.
Make your order today of the new and improved CADPATs

In addition, we are the only ones to lay our hands on this cadpat, this is sewn exactly to canadian forces specification and it is the finest quality of canadian combats available on the market today.
Vlad has made it quite clear he is not going to update his sales threads upon my recommendation as the product he describes is not what he's selling.

I purchased a set of these new and improved 'frontenac' cadpats. First off they are not frontenac they are 'COMP'. They are not made with the 'Combat Cloth' or a material like it as the frontenac were and as the genuine issued cadpats are, the material is some sort of heavy synthetic with a rubbery texture sort of that seems to be water resistant (the jacket anyway) and doesn't breath, it's not suitable imo for a warm weather BDU, might be decent as a cold/wet weather though.

Secondly this is REPRO/Knockoff, not genuine cadpat, and it isn't very decent knockoff IMO. The light greens in the jacket are bright, the pants look not bad though but look more brown than anything, closer to marpat. They also have a white liner akin to parklands cadpat.

I was very dissapointed on receiving these as I specifically asked Vlad before purchasing as to whether they were made with the combat cloth like issued/frontenac or with something else and if they were like parklands. He told me they were made with AUTHENTIC combat cloth and were not like parklands... He did say I could refund them, however I would have to eat the shipping costs both ways. Not impressed at all. I'll take some pics tonight if anyone is interested to see the differences.

Here is Vlad's PM when I asked him why he lied to me about the material it was made out of:

However, no mistakes were made on my part, if you analyze the jacket you will see that it is cut exactly like the military, I have a pic of it in my thread and i had it there when you decided to purchase it, you are the only person who has a problem with this pattern. It is not the real stuff but a repro of it and although i didn't put it in those words prior to your purchase you knew that what you were buying is the authentic stuff. In my thread i wrote AUTHENTIC when describing the Frontenac's which i still have but the new cadpat if you read it carefully nowhere does it state that it's made from the same material. If you want to be immature about it and leave me negative feedbacks i cannot stop you, you were pretty negative yourself and i will make sure to highlight that in your feedback as well.

Now his response doesn't really make sense to me as first he says it's repro then that I knew I was buying authentic...? Also, the fact that I specifically ASKED before and he told me it was authentic and the material was the same or like the issued combat cloth/frontenac.

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