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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
so, right there your plan is a non starter.

Changing zoning from Rural Residential to Commercial recreational is no small undertaking.

Municiple Varience to official plan, Environmental Assessment and then after substantial time and Money invested, still little chance you can get your varience.

This is exactly why the frequent "hey I gots some land.. I'm gonna makes an airsoft field" proclaimations almost never pan out.

do some homework.. find out if its even possible, get market research and then announce that you have a project off the ground.

otherwise its all nothing but Idle speculation.. and "would'nt it be cool if" pipe dreams.

Turns out I was wrong. It's actually Agricultural. Might make things easier. And I have stated that I will do some more homework, and I am not calling this a project off the ground. It's an idea. If it pans out, great. If not, then at least there's some more material for another enterprising individual to cannabalize. Thank you very much for all your input,'s great to have someone who knows exactly where to look sharing some knowledge. I'm very appreciative. Keep poking holes in this idea - it's probably the best way for me to see exactly what the weaknesses and challenges are so that I can address them effectively.

Originally Posted by daiviet
pass me up your plans when you're done with em, i might be able to cad them up. I've also got the latest building code around so I can at least make it according to the law.

I'll take a copy as well, I've got a few designing programs via computer and there's always the old pencil and paper. Preferably after he gets through with the laws, lol

Again, I still think it's a good idea, but it would have to be run by more than just one person. You could be in charge yes, but you'd have to have a group of very dedicated people to help cover for you while you are making money at another job, if something comes up or busy during a scheduled game.

Please note: Posting more when I get home, at school now.
I'm not going to do a CAD of the whole things just yet, since I don't know enough about the structural reqs, etc, but rather a couple of the features. Most notably the floor of the main building, and the slots and covers. I've got some rough sketches on paper so the next step is to draw them up cohesively and then scan them and/or CAD them. Also something to do later, as I'm at work :P
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