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New Management at CalCity Airsoft. Please Read.

A post from CalCity Airsoft:

This is Tony Yachuk (Legendary). This post is coming directly from the owner of CalCity Airsoft, Norma Yachuk.

Due to recent circumstances, Tony Beare is no longer employed by, nor welcome at CalCity Airsoft.
We at CalCity Airsoft love being a part of the community in Calgary, and western canada. We look forward to
continuing our business ventures here, and look forward to growing with you, as the game grows.

Please do not let recent comments made by employees of CalCity Airsoft discourage you from helping Calgary
become even more respected within our airsoft family. We will be making changes over the next few weeks, but rest assured
CalCity Airsoft is here to stay. I will be taking over general management duties until further notice, and it is very
important to me that we keep our obligations.

CalCity Airsoft will still be holding games at local fields, and abroad. The trip to Melville in July is still on,
and we are in talks with some other really cool spots around southern Alberta, that we feel will lend a real sense of
change and excitement to a sport that all of us love.

We are having some discrepencies in our paperwork, and I would appreciate a PM from anyone that may have made a
personal deal with Tony where there was no invoice involved.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this post.

Tony Yachuk, General Manager.
"CalCity Airsoft, 2008 - Never"
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