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Systema Tightbore 6.04 -- mp5

Systema 6.04mm Precision Inner Barrel - 285mm

So, I picked up a tightbore for my mp5, but its a few inches longer because I have a SD5 anyways, Shot it a few times before I installed it just so I could get an idea of the range at optimal and most efficiant hop-up adjustment, so I installed it, (15 minutes later) Shot it after, but I put it in upside down...wasnt thinking, so I installed it agian, and first impression after it was successfully installed, was instant gratifacation, bursts in auto are noticably closer, much farther, my hop-up doesnt need to be as far adjusted.

Havent looked back on this barrel for a second, and ive already put close to 500 rounds through it just to make sure I know what im talking about before I do a review on it.

So bottom line is, great barrel for the money, great packaging done by

And a heads up to anyone that is doing this, you need to get a drill bit to run through the Silencer so you can fit the longer barrel....I drilled it by hand if that gives you an idea of how hard this is to do, and the barrel I bought was just a bit to short but still works great, my plan was to have it come flush with the tip of the silencer...oh well.
Great Great Great!

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