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Originally Posted by Sha Do View Post
In order to compete against the plethora of different paintball fields, you would require a piece of property that provides a hugh variety of terrain that would appeal to the different styles of play. Thick bush, with some sparce older growth, some areas of pine, rolling hills, natural berms, some open field, and so on.
I've played on this property, if I recall correctly there are open hills around an open grassy area surrounded by forest. Some manner of pathways throughout the entire property, a very temporal forest, other places with more woodland/thick brush. It's actually quite accommodating to most styles of play to my knowledge with exception mainly to Vietnam/swampland sims, I don't recall any water being nearby.
The property is 15 minutes from downtown Barrie, and roughly 25-30 minutes from where the 401 meets the 400 so driving is not bad.

If you were to go through with this, I would support you in any way I could just like, I imagine the rest of DVP and probably Necrohaus.
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