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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Its hard to convince people that they should pay $20 to play.. let alone telling people thye can't use their own BBs and need to pay for yours.
The part where Brian touches on the issue of players needing to purchase "your" BBs might be an issue. Paintball fields make the majority of their income off of ammo and though you can buy paintballs cheaper by the case from a source such as Canadian Tire, it is manditory that they provide it because of insurance reasons, therefore they can get away with charging more. However, how reasonable would it be for you to be forced to first acquire (purchase up front), and then stock the specific colour(s) (to indicate that the BBs were infact purchased from your field) and weights of BBs that meet the particular requirements of any one players needs ( basiclly 0.20 for pistols, 0.25 and 0.28 for AEGs, and 0.30 and 0.36 for BAs)???

Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
The idea of an Association supported field has some merit to it.. but the issue becomes variety .. such a field could only survive if it had a virtual monopoly on playing venues. In southern Ontario there are a lot of places for people to go to play.

If everyone agreed to spend their money in one place.. then the idea has a chance.
Getting support will never be an issue, but getting guarenteed commited support is always an issue. Many people have attempted to assemble associations before, but there are so many different groups of opinions (because of the mass number of players in the southern Ontario area) and so many different available fields that very few people are willing to see it through.

In order to compete against the plethora of different paintball fields, you would require a piece of property that provides a hugh variety of terrain that would appeal to the different styles of play. Thick bush, with some sparce older growth, some areas of pine, rolling hills, natural berms, some open field, and so on.
Secondly, location, location, also key to the survival of the business, especially with the rising prices of gas.
And thirdly, you would first need to assure that the local by laws allow for the discharge of air guns in your area. There have been many potential fields trashed for "development" because the location falls under this by law and it's not worht the risk to have the neighbours call the police if they don't like what's going on. This can sometimes be remedied with a permit from the city office, but again, this becomes and additional cost that must be passed on to the players.

If this is a go for you, I would advise placing aside a small area (close to parking) for camping, so the field would open up to those who could not make the drive on the morning of the game, but could drive out the night before and spend the night in a tent. Charge a nonimal fee for this, and it could be in your favor. As well, Barrie is as close to Toronto as Flag Raiders is, so depending how far off the 400 the property is located, you've got good location, especially seeing as it's paint free.

Good luck;
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