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In running a dedicated field in Ontario, there is only a small group of people who have been involved in such endeavours.. Scarecrow (Wolfpack), Brian (who thankfully has already posted), Schwag's group (TWAT and Spectres), the Snowdragons, 1RPC's TAG field, Blackbear has one now too. Then you have the Ottawa fields (lol...figured I'd add that in there )

I didnt see it in the thread... Enviromental Assesment. before you even consider zoning you'd need that done assuming we're going for the completely legal on the up and up business plan.

As Brian said above, with Ontario's multitude of fields it would be a hard sell. Variety of venues as we currently have means you need to offer something really unique. If you can pull it off great. good luck and hope you can get it off the ground.

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