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It's a good idea but not an original one. There are a few people (myself included) that have spent ALOT of time trying to juggle numbers and find land that can be zoned but is still within a reasonable distance.

It's just not financially viable unless you have a more profitable business to back it up and cover part of the overhead.

Xtreme tactics is a smallish indoor facility in manitoba. They don't have a ton of land to worry about or pay taxes on. Indoor also reduces your insurance because you control the terrain.
Outdoors you'd have to have a larger paintball field as well.

Brian's logic was right but hisnumbers were very optimistic.
Try getting 100 players out regularly.

The member idea still won't cover anywhere near enough unless everyone is a member and keeps the overhead down by maintaining the field and volunteering as staff.

I wish you luck. If you can be the one to figure it out, good for you.
Just don't get your hopes up.

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