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Originally Posted by Hitarosu View Post
Is it really such a big deal that it would become a business if one were to make such a facility? I look at it more as a fun thing for a community to do/ build rather than a business. It may just be my limited life experience speaking, but hey, that's just me.

If I were to be able to do anything for FNG's project in the future, it would be free of charge (maybe reimburse for the materials used, but I wouldn't charge for labor).
You have to remember that you cannot take any peice of land (even if you own it) and build stuff and play airsoft on it. You need insurance that will cover if someone is hurt, you need to make sure the zoning is such that you can build what you want, you need permits to build things aswell and so on. There are alot of things to think about. I'm an engineer so I don't know too much about buisness but you need to have some sort of income to sustain something like this.
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