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Originally Posted by DarkAngel View Post
been wanting to do this for a while XD
but only if I won the lottery
There is a huge gap between wanting to do something and doing it. Money is less of an issue than committment and follow through.

Money can be found many places, Particularly if you have a solid business plan and a little "seed money". However, doing this on credit and having to then service the credit will reduce the viability. Having about $100 000.00 in the bank, of cash and investing it in the business with a 5 year plan to see your money back .. really is the way to go about this.

The largest barrier to making this go is the size of the Community that can or will travel to such a facility. My numbers above are based on 100 players a week. Which is I think on average a reasonable expectation. Much more is a "hope" and building a business on "hope" is doomed to fail.

I'm in the position of also having the land.. and its even zoned for the use.. but I don't have the Capital nor the time to build a business doing this.. and it would not make enough money to be worth it to me.
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