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the thought's crossed my mind as well...

And maybe to help with the financial situation you could make it a kind of private membership club. not a $20,000 per year country club type of suggestion, but for example having an annual fee for members and the members have executive privileges; for example being allowed on field with x amount of guests at the time or their choosing, (not on just specific game dates), choices in certain decision aspects of the field (i.e. in regards to type, amount etc... of structures) and also a kind of private locker room, where members can store guns/work on them if they are local to the area, with quick access to their personal armory and the ability to test fire, chrony or field a gun while swapping internals all at the disposal...

The members would of course aswell have to be responsible for the general upkeep of the facilties(to a degree). It could help to create a really tight community and have members know each other on a less amibiguous basis, such as is on ASC where first names aren't always known.

an annual fee of, for example, $100 or $250 or $500 (with guests and/or non members paying a pay-as-you-play fee) would help the finances of your plans and create a kind of personal space for the 'members'. I know I'd happily pay a set fee for a service such as I've described to be able to field my guns much more often, rather than clearing rooms in my house and firing into bedsheets.

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