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Here is the Challenge

1. just because you have the land does not mean that it is zoned for that use. Find out that first

2. Insurance

3. Incorporation ( not that expensive.. but still needs doing )

Making money... PB fields make money on paint.. you will need to do the same but on BBS

Only allow your BBS to be used on site.. you could have a specific colour made.

Charge $10/ 1000 ( 1 cent a shot)

Say you get an average of 100 players a week at $20 per player + 1.5 bags of bbs per player. That is $3500 a week = $14000 a month gross revenue. x 8 useful playing months in a year = Gross revenue of $112000 a year.

Out of that you have to buy BBs, build rental stock and maintain it . keep the field in good repair pay insurance, pay employees ( because you can't do it alone) and pay taxes... maybe.. maybe you come out with $20 000 retained earnings.. from this you will have to pay yourself.

And realistically you will need to invest $20 000 to get it off the ground to start.

I could be a viable business... but you would not make much doing it.

Saving the BBs ... not worth the effort balanced against the cost.
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