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Originally Posted by Gryphon View Post
There are several developed commercial airsoft fields including indoor facilities across the country that are already doing this.
My mistake. And yeah...that's about what I'd want to do. Why is it that someone has thought of any good idea before you? That being said, winnipeg is a ways away from southern at least I wouldn't be treading on their toes any. And from what I understand, most fields are combined with paintball fields, are they not? I'll look it up tommorow....

Originally Posted by THE CAT View Post
If your idea is to start a business, fine. This is a free country. Most of your questions can be answered by searching the forum or by googling them.

Start by creating a business plan first. Get ready to plunge in your pockets and invest a lot of time.

Success has a simple formula: Do your best and people may like it.
I'm starting an Arts & Business program in September, so I'm planning to do an actual business plan once I've learned a bit about how to do one. As mentioned, this is an idea, and I'm still learning, researching, and working on it.

Thanks guys!
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