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Business Idea

I was mowing the lawn today, and I suddenly the thoughts of girlfriend were interrupted by what occupies the OTHER half of my mind...airsoft. And I started thinking...there aren't any dedicated commercial airsoft fields. Now, before the flaming starts, hear me out a bit...I'm just putting this thought together, so it's not 100% yet, but here's just what I came up with in the hour it took to do my lawn:

1) Family owns 100 acres just outside of Barrie. Field = a go.
2) Build permit for multiple small structures around the field, in addition to a large structure for indoor play (similar to the general setup of Wasaga PB)
3) In the field in the big building, have the floors angled slightly...BBs roll into gutters, thereby aiding in cleanup. Please see side note a) for a question about a detail here...
4) Have the smaller cover/structures in the big building on stilts that slot into holes in the floor. holes with covers all over = modular field. See side note b) for addressing a safety concern.
5) In-house AEG rentals. buncha M4s and/or AKs See side notes c), d) and e)
6) Gun tech would be a must...gotta keep these things running. Also, deposit against damages.
7) Outdoor field would be in a wooded area...lots of big trees abound, and underbrush is clearable.
8) Approved BB brands only would probably be an insurance req...see side note f) for my ideas on that front
9) Lots of batteries and chargers. Lots of them.
10) field FPS limit in place, mandatory chrony before each game.

Now, that's the short version. Here come the side notes:

a) Can BBs be recycled? And I don't mean re-used...I mean, can a pile of BBs be melted down or whatever the process is and re-made? I don't know what the manufacturing process is, but it just struck me that simply chucking thousands of BBs would be a waste if they could still be used. I'm not suggesting that I want to make them, but if I had a few gallons of used BBs sitting around, all of one brand, would that help whoever made them if I returned them? Just curious about this one.

b) An immediate question that came to me was "well, what if someone takes a cover out and someone else breaks their ankle when their toe catches in it?" Answer: covers over the holes that run flush with the floor, secured by a latch like the ones you see for paper towel don't need a specific key, just a really awkward tool that most people just don't have lying around.

c)Business import licence for obtaining AEGs? I mean, if it's my business to rent them to people so they can use them, would that be a basis for one? I don't know what the laws are here, but it's just an idea that came to mind. And I'd need to get a wholesale amount of guns for this to work. Going through retailers would work too...but really, going direct from manufacturer is probably a more sound way to do it if I could make it legit. A big if, admittedly, but that's why it's just an idea.

d) Mags. Where do you put them, and what about capacity? I was thinking hicaps with rentals, and in this case having all one type of gun might be best just to even the playing field. Hicaps have lots of ammo, so a new player wouldn't have to reload...but they need winding, which people might forget to do on occasion. Twinlinked midcaps? Like I said, I'm still pondering alot of these aspects, and your thoughts are appreciated.

e)Rental AEGs would be running about 300 with various internal upgrades to increase reliability. Just some metal bushings and shims, probably. I'm still learning on this front, so it's something to think on. Minimum parts for maximum reliability and longevity. Low spring means gearbox isn't taking a beating, in addition to ensuring that a bunch of noobs playing at the same time won't be drawing blood on each other.

f) I was thinking that much as paintball places are required to use only paintballs sold at the facility, insurance might require the same of an airsoft field. Talk with a manufacturer (BB Bastard?) about exclusive BB supply? Again, just an idea...this isn't going anywhere in the near future, if at all, but it's something I thought of.

So that's what I've got so far. I also ran through some media and marketing ideas, but I just wanted to get this out there first.


I understand that starting a business is a long and arduous process, but this is an idea, and it's my idea. But it is only an idea! I am not suggesting that I will run out and start on this tomorrow. I want to do some research into the feasibility of such a project, as well as get some input from the community. Which is why I posted. Any advice and further ideas are great. Am I being ambitious in my thoughts? Yes. Are there things I haven't considered? Most definitely. Am I a fairly junior member of the community who may not know much of anything about airsoft? You bet. I know that, and you don't have to tell me. Rather, tell me what more realistic alternatives to my ideas are, what those things I haven't thought of are, and what specific obstacles would lie in the path of such a facility.

Thanks for reading. As mentioned, this is just an idea that came to mind that I explored. I just hope that one day I might be able to make it a reality. It might not happen, but hey, it's fun to dream. So please, flame valves closed.


p.s. sorry about the text overload...I'm not too great at spicing up my posts yet.
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