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Wow...That's what I can say. This is so far from what I dreamt it would become. I was just hoping to get a few friends down to TTAC for some training and shooting. Since I started airsoft I was hoping to at sometime transfer IPSC to airsoft. I didn't think the interest would be there at all but having already held 2 classes and having a list of others just waiting for me to hold another class shows that airsoft players do have the heart for IPSC.

Before anything, I must give credit where credit is due. Brian, you have really impacted the airsoft scene. Without TTAC, many of us wouldn't have a venue to play and meet others with the same interest. From brining your expertise and training to the weekend shooters, you have built a vibrant airsoft community here in Toronto. Also, Miles for giving us a venue to discuss, sell and plan our events. Great job guys.

Now, for the business...when it comes to airsoft IPSC, first let's get some suggestions on a name for this branch of airsoft. Due to legal matters, we can't call it IPSC. It's our sport so lets make it a name we'd all be proud of and agree on.
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