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It's amazing how many of us think that politicians will give a rats ass about a few hundred airsofters.

I read a good article in GUNS Magazine (Nov.1994) about how in the states (gun capitol of the world!) the owners of real steel are trying like mad to make sure that their REAL guns will remain in their hands. The article was borderline calling for armed revolution.

Here in peace loving Canada with millions LESS people we airsofters are a tiny drop in the bucket.

It's been said before that if you want to try to make a difference in our sports growth, get involved with REAL gun owners who actually have more of a realistic "lobby" chance.

Support "real steel" shooting sports across the country and educate people around you about airsoft, we are so small that we have to be grassroots.

I don't know.....I guess good luck with this anyway.
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