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I was thinking the very same thing when Phil was saying how happy he was to have positive conditions to promote airsoft IPSC.

The formation of an organization of self regulating airsoft IPSC practitioners with a national competition standard is a good step in furthering the legitimacy of our sport. IPSC with real pistols is already legitimate in Canada. If we can ascribe to the same standards of safe conduct and competition as real IPSC it would give us some logical footing in our own pursuit of eventual legitimacy.

We also might develop some closer ties to the real steel IPSC community if we can attract some real steel shooters who might want to practise some of their IPSC skills without having to be restricted by their ATT limitations or spend big bucks on 45ACP. Being able to pack your GBB to an IPSC tourney at TTAC, following your workday is something you can't do with your Glock.
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