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Airsoft IPSC in Toronto.

Thanks to Shooting Chef sharing his IPSC knowledge and qualifications we now have built a sizable cadre of Range Officers trained to run and manage IPSC style courses here in Toronto.

The plan is to develop events and competitions and compile standings in these competitions with an eye to producing a vibrant and active Airsoft shooting sports community built on the IPSC model.

In my opinion, for all those people who seek to achieve "legitimacy" within the wider community for airsoft shooting sports, this is the way.

What could be better from a "gun shy" public perception of shooting sports than a group of people choosing not to use "lethal guns" but to instead choose to conduct their sport with "harmless BB guns"

This is in fact a very accessable shooting sport, people can get started with little invested and develop both their skills and equipment over time.

This activity is also ideal for those interested in Airsoft gun collecting and building and in developing individual skill but not really interested in skirmishing or Military Simulation.

Watch the Game threads for announcments regarding the next Airsoft Practical Shooting Intro course and Competitive events.

The plan is to run a series of intro courses to get interested people familiar with the safety and behavior protocols and alternate these courses with practical shooting competitions.
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