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Yeah... and this all explains why the Kraken I have shoots insanely accurately. The newest Krakens are the newest CYMA CM.028s... presumably as they filter through whatever channels they take to get there, and all the oldest stock gets depleted, even the Krakens will improve. The brass barrel MAY be a tightbore, and the hopup is certainly at a gen 3.5. The internals may be beefier to match too. The mag has fed thousands of rounds flawlessly too, so none of the old mag quality issues seem to exist for the newer models. All this is good news...

However, having just held and shot my friend's new KWA M4A1 with only a small type battery, I can only guess how long it will be before these monsters sweep the airsoft scene in Canada. Think Dillon Aero minigun ROF..... with Honda Civic reliability.
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