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Originally Posted by pelletman View Post
i guess this is along the same subject.the gun mentioned above was purchased over 35 years ago. it came with instructions saying not to pump this gun more than 10 times.and being a kid at the time i thought well what if i pumped it more than i pumped it 50 times and was loaded with bb's.there was aheavy guage metal garbage can in the back yard so i was about five feet away from it and fired.the bb went through one side and was sticking in the other back then i thought the max.fps was 375 by pumping the gun more than the limit would this increase the velocity?because i didn't expect that kind of result.are todays airguns capable of that?now i am a registerd collector of various rifles,handguns and some fully automatic assault rifles.
Hahaha! No you're not! You're the kid that pumped that Crosman!!! It was last week, admit it!! hahahahaha you are registerd, that's for sure!
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"that would be like celebrating the time your dick got stuck in the garbage disposal."
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