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I own most of the cyma Aks out there and resale too The Cm035 is a great product and perfomce very well (+35m dead on target). But the Cm036 AKM now that Ak is really good , for the price.This aeg is the best I have found out of the Chinese Clones. Only real thing that needs to be changed is the spring and degrade it down. There is one Cyma AEG which is very under valued by players it is the Cyma CM031b out the box it shoot 380fps and is dead accurate, all you have to do is slap in a 9.6 batt. I have ordered the some new CM031d and Cm042s for resale it should be here in the next few week via boat and from waht i hear they just as good. It seems Cyma has improve in leaps and bounds even the Cm028 is now a a version3 and shoots at 350fps.
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