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Holy shit.

Ho-leee shit.

It's been a long time since I've written a review, but after getting this rifle, I feel it honestly deserves one.

Haven't taken any pictures yet, expect them soon. Here's the one from the sale thread I bought it from, NIB. The gun came with a 8.4v 1100mAh battery, a cleaning rod and a foreign charger.

Anyways, I didn't really have high expectations for this gun (CYMA and all, $400 NIB, et cetera- too good to be true if it's a good gun, no?), but I was VERY pleasantly surprised.

Taking it out of the box was a treat, it certainly did NOT feel like standard pot-metal, at all. The weapon was pretty hefty, it felt like it could take a beating with no qualms at all.

The wood grips are fantastic- while they chipped with some pretty heavy use/being thrown around (I don't exactly store my rifles like I should, nor transport them in very professional cases), a few chips have been taken off- so a re-staining may be in order.

General feel and aesthetics are top-par- the flip-sights are cleverly designed, though they seem identical and quite pointless to have two different settings (one labelled 4-5, the second having a small 'U' under it. I've since coloured those in with white crayon, along with the fire selector markings).

The weapon itself can take a beating, being swung around, dropped, etc- when I fold the stock I treat it a bit violently, giving it a smack that either sends it flying home to folded, or back with a satisfying 'ching'. Unfortunately, the stock wobbles top-to-bottom a bit, not really sure how to remedy this.

There's a genuine AK side-'rail' for mounting of Russian optics, if you feel so inclined. I bought a 20mm rail that clips onto this, for the mounting of a red dot sight in the near future.

Unfortunately, the front sight seemed a bit crooked to the right, I'm not sure how to remedy this at all. I started mostly barrel-aiming with it thanks to this, as the sights were near useless for me.


While I've gamed it twice in smaller, non-official settings, I'm simply blown away.

Pitted up on a one-versus three (I was the odd one out, and was against a fellow with a TM AK, a TM P90, a TM VSR Gspec and a TM FAMAS as a spare on their hill), and the outcome truly surprised me.

This gun had the effective range of the VSR- on semi auto only, I was able to put suppressive fire on all three of them and quite literally walk towards them in complete open, having three panicked players blind-firing wildly. The gun sounds intimidating as hell, with a loud 'thwap' every shot, and it shoots pretty far (other reviews and players chrono the gun at 380 (hence my shooting semi-only), meaning it's definitely not a good idea to use indoors). Arnies suggests that the new CYMA guns come with pre-installed tightbores, which would also probably add to this. Another review described the accuracy as abysmal- I digress, but they were probably referring to the sights, or had an older model. This gun's definitely bang-on accurate for me.

The rate of fire is a bit low, I REALLY need a 9.6v or higher stick battery. The design of the AKS-74U allows it so you can have up to a 12v stick battery in it, as the battery extends all the way into the hollow handguard.

Haven't taken a peek at the internals, yet.

Mods planned- VFC AK tactical foregrip, rail, reflex red dot sight, rubber buttpad for folding stock, serial number engravings

Pictures will be added ASAP.

High velocity, insane effective range
Amazing external quality
Wood grips, metal body, low price
Accurate as hell

Crooked front sight (I keep having to push it to the left, I tightened a screw and think it may've been fixed)
Wood chips slightly with heavy use
ROF is a bit sad (probably not for most, but for someone used to a 9.6v in my AUG)

Overall rating- 9/10. Having played with a LOT of different guns and owning 2 Maruis (one stock FAMAS, one heavily upgraded AUG), I can say this is probably one of the best I've used, period. Will probably need a bit of internal reinforcements to keep up with the spring, so one of Tirador's piston heads will be in order, along with some other little bits to preserve longevity.
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