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Yes, a deactivated firearm is the correct terminology, but still everyone knows what a dewat is, and it's easier to type.

And a deactivated firearm had to at one time be a firearm, a firearm that would have had registration and regulation surrounding it. Once it becomes deactivated, it would be deregistered, and become a thing, an object, but not a firearm and not subject to regulation as a firearm, or even a replica.

If you used one to commit a crime, you would be charged with using a weapon, and a judge would then have to decide if it was a real gun, a replica, or just a thing. Like committing robbery with a 2x4, or a pipe. But until then, it is what it is, not a firearm, and not subject to regulation as a firearm.

Suported 100% by the CCC or not, this is the posted official position of the CFC and RCMP, and these are the guys who are going to be knocking on your door over this, if need be. So, I'll defer to their opinion until someone higher up than them says otherwise, namely Parliament.
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