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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
Well, considering a replica is proscribed to have certain regulations, but a dewat does not lends one to believe they are not the same thing at face value.

But, just like airsoft, it's not a replica until a judge says it is, right?
This is kinda my point... I have heard from a number of sources.. that Dewats are treated differently... I have seen dealers try to explain the difference between Replicas and Dewats.. but when asked how are they diferentiated under the law... you get bluster.. and statements like "well it just is "

I can't find any evidence that "under the law" they are considered any differently than anything else that is a replica.

All replicas have to be proven so in court..

So Dewats have the same status... It ain't a replica till a judge says it is.

Your statement that Dewats are not proscribed is untrue.. they are very much proscribed... as to how to make a Firearm not a firearm .. at that point it becomes this thing called a Deactivated Firearm.. which under the law is no longer a firearm. It is however still an "object" , a thing.. that looks like a firearm but is not a firearm... This is the definition of a replica.. and if Dewats were not intended to be caught up in that definition then the law would state. "except for deactivated Fireams" but it does not .

By the way "dewat" is jargon and does not appear in any statute of the criminal code or the firearms act.

I'm willing to be corrected... but not with anecdotes.

I will conceed that law enforcement seems to perceive "Dewats" as "something else" but this interpritation is not supported by statute.
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