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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
OK I get that, it tells you how to make a firearm a deactivated firearm.. rendering it not a firearm.

It only makes sense that you can't import a deactivated firearm because our standards may be different than others.. and there is no enforcement on the technician who did the work if he is outside of Canada. So it is not considered deactivated until landed and confirmed.

The sheet does not say anything about this object's status after confirmed deactivated. Other than saying that once deactivated they are not firearms and not governed by the rules of firearms.

so now we fall back to the Criminal Code which says... if an object looks like a firearm but is not a firearm it is a replica. The Code does not metion any special status for Deactivated Firearms. ( although clearly enforcement seems to think they have a different status )
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